Seedz, The Logical Planning Tree

Empower Your Planning: Smart Roadmaps for Project Managers

Effortlessly connect your goals to opportunities, data, and solutions. Real-time project progress tracking. Align your team and clients.

Over 60% of Features Built in the World Are Completely Useless

Poor Project Management leads to massive financial losses. It's time to put an end to this.

Be part of the change

Transform your Project Management, achieve real impact!


Designed to empower project managers and product managers to achieve an outcome-driven approach by automating management control and enabling continuous monitoring of roadmap alignment with goals.

Increase Productivity

Streamline the planning and execution process and focus on what matters most.

Enhance clarity

Gain a clear understanding of your strategic path with visual and interactive logic trees.

Achieve goals faster

with strategic alignment and efficient task management.

Align your actions with your goals.

Explore Seedz's core features, designed to seamlessly integrate into your strategic planning process.

Logical trees and maps to easily manage and visualize everything project-related.

Smart management and roadmap control system.

Multi-user collaborative work.

AI-powered co-pilot and validation of goals, ideas, opportunities and solutions.

Manage scores and metrics across all nodes.

Easy connection with your favorite task management tools.

Replicate the most successful logical thinking tools such as Opportunity Solution Tree, Goal Tree, OKR, GIST framework, Impact Map, User Story Map.

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Developed by experts with experience in software development and digital product management, Seedz is the result of years of expertise in Lean/Agile/Growth methodologies and Logical Thinking.

As organizers of Product Management Day, we are committed to bringing innovation and effectiveness to project management.

Achieve ultimate strategic clarity with Seedz

Here's what our users are saying:

Using Seedz, I was able to clarify my long-term goals and map out the daily actions needed to achieve them. Incredibly intuitive!

– Giovanni Carfora, Project Manager

The best tool for those who want to achieve concrete results. With Seedz, every decision is supported by logic and strategy. Essential for my team!

– Simone Petrella, Project Manager

Thanks to Seedz, we have transformed our decision-making process, making it more efficient and targeted.

– Nico Di Gregorio, Project Manager

Logical Planning Tree